The Doshu, Teachers and Instructors of Budokan have been extraordinarily fortunate to have had access to some of the most technically competent Japanese and European teachers across many major disciplines for over six decades.

All of them are proud to have had the privelige of training with these teachers whose own lineage stretches back to the Founders of  these disciplines.

With the deepest gratitude and humility we associate ourselves directly with them.  

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It was inteeresting to read the writings of Doshu when describing his visits to Japan and his time spent training  with the "Old Masters of the different systems of the day, Tani, Fugiwara, Mas O'yama, Gogen Yamaguchi, Nakayama, Kase of JKA  and many of other Senior Senseis and of course not forgetting my first great Sensei, Taniguchi Goju in Brazil".


"I had the support and recognition of Tani 'Hanshi' head of Tani-ha Shukokai and Fugiwara 'Hanshi", who was head of the World Karate Union Teaching Department of Shukokai of Japan,

Chojun Miyagi Maestro_Masatoshi_Nakayama senseikasesmall2 Tani Sensei Kimura Kanazawa Yamaguchi Mas Oyama Kenwa Mabuni iu

A little history


Shukokai (literally translated as "Way for All" or association of those who study together) was founded by Tani Chojiro in 1949. Sensei Tani started his formal Karate training under Miyagi Chojun, founder of Goju, whilst a student at Doshisha University, Kyoto. After some years, Miyagi Sensei returned to Okinawa and Sensei Kenwa Mabuni, founder of Shitoryu took over the teaching. In deference to his friend, whom he had assisted on his arrival in Japan, Mabuni Sensei only taught Naha-te at the university karate club.


On graduation from university Sensei Tani followed Mabuni learning first the Shuri-te system and then ultimately the developing Shitoryu system. After many years of training under Mabuni as one of his most senior students, Sensei Tani received the certificate of succession, entitling him to use the name Tani-ha Shitoryu (the Tani sect of Shitoryu).


In 1949 Sensei Tani, whilst still a high school teacher, founded his own school, which he called Shukokai.


On the death of Mabuni Kenwa, in 1952, many of the senior students went their own way and at this time Tani Sensei adopted the name bestowed by Mabuni, Tani-ha Shitoryu - and with two other senior students, Fujiwara and Fujitani, began creating the world wide system, for which he is now so respected. Fujiwara Sensei died some years ago and Fujitani Sensei now heads his own organization called Myobukai..


Shukokai has been taught outside Japan mainly by three senior instructors, Kimura, Nanbu and Suzuki, between them assisting in the creation of a world wide recognition and respect for their style. Chief Technical Master of Shukokai was Shigeru Kimura, 8th Dan. Sensei Kimura commenced karate at the age of 16 under Sensei Tani. At 21 he won the All Japan Shito ryu Championship, and after winning that title for the second time in 1964, ceased participating in championship Karate to devote his life to developing the style of Karate now known and respected throughout the world as SHUKOKAI. At 34, Sensei Kimura was the youngest ever 7th Dan from an internationally recognized style and reached the rank of 8th Dan Hanshi (Master).

The Legends

The Influence of the Founders

Gichin Funakoshi

Founder of Shotokan

Chojun Miyagi

Founder of GojuRyu

Kenwa Maburi

Founder of ShitoRyu

Tani Sensei

Founder of ShukokaiRyu






Ueshiba Sensei Chiba 4626231595_381x255 Kanetsuka 4626229489_256x260 4625075911_190x285 4618806390 s-001 200px-Tamura_a4dn894_9251

Morihei Ueshiba

Founder of Aikido

Nobayoshi Tamura

Morihiro Saito

Seigo Yamaguchi

Kazuo Chiba

Morihei Ueshiba

Yoshimitsu Yamada

Minoru Kanetsuka

Masatake Sekiya





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Kotaro Ishido 

Tsunetsugu Hiroi

Vic Cook

David Ansell