As a teaching  and learning platform


Budokan is some way down the line towards the completion of an online resource that will cover each and every one of our techniques that exist in every movement we have been taught by the Masters, Teachers and Instructors of our very rich lineage, across all disciplines.


In words, pictures and video.


The Karatedo content is exactly the same as that taught by Doshu - an eclectic mix of Shukokai Ryu, Goju Ryu and Shito Ryu.


The Aikido content is as that taught by Chiba Sensei  and Kantsuka Sensei at  the London Aikikai (formerly) and Tamura Sensei in France (latterly) - after Chiba Sensei went to live in San Diago.


The Iaido content is as that taught by Ishido Sensei of Muso Shinden Ryu and the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei.


The Zazen is based on the Soto Sect of Japanese Buddhism and the adoption of the doctrines of Japanese Bushido enshrined in Shinto - the indigenous religion of Japan.


This content will be accessible to dojo leaders and their students day in and day out 24/7, comparing what they are doing with what they are viewing.

As we can then get current teachers and dojo leaders to take video of themselves teaching and or live video of classes taking place somewhere which we can all have access to.


In this way the learning platform for students becomes a teaching platform for teachers, instructors and dojo leaders.


How this will work

Content is uploaded to the private Budokan Channel currently on You Tube or any other video platform we choose to use.

We take it from there and place it on a secure section of this website in the relevant section of each syllabus.


Only approved teachers, instructors and dojo leaders and their students will have access to this content, via a login process using a username and password provided.


Each provider (ie teacher, approved instructor and/or dojo leader) benefits from a small subscription or video on demand process to access their content.

All content is the copyright of each provider.

All content provided will be credited to each provider.

There is no cost to any provider.


In practice, this will mean that anyone can sign up and become a subscriber by paying a small monthly  or one off download fee, allowing access to the whole site and its content 24/7.


All proceeds will be allocated according to the subscription pricing structure agreed by all content providers


Please go to the Budokan Members and Associates page for more detail on this content.

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