6 Dan Kyoshi



David began the study of traditional Japanese Budo (martial arts) and philosophy in 1964 in South Africa, under the tutelage of the renowned Richard Salmon - the Doshu or Founder of Budokan.

David flourished under the direction of the Doshu - became one of his Uchideshi and trained under his direction until he left SA for the UK.

He competed in national and international karate tournaments, including, representing the province of Natal at the South African Games.

He founded Budokan in the UK in 1970.

He began the study of Traditional Aikido in 1974  and trained  under Senseis, the likes of Chiba Kazuo, Kanetsuka Minoru, Ueshiba Kisshomaru, Sekiya Masatake, Tamura Nobuyoshi, Saito Morihiro, Yamada Yoshimitsu and many other eminent Japanese and European teachers, across Europe, especially in France.

He was the Founder Secretary of the British Aikido Board in 1978.

Also in 1978, he began training in Iaido under Ishido Shizafumi and Hiroi Sensei – Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei, under the tutelage of Vic Cook within the British Kendo Federation.

He served as the Chairman of the UK Martial Arts Commission, within the UK Sports Council for two years.


He also teaches and practises Zazen – seated  meditation- in the Soto Sect of Zen Buddhism tradition with conscious breathing.

Today, he currently holds the title of Kyoshi with the Dai Nippon Butokukai in Kyoto, one of Japan's oldest traditional martial arts organisations, and holds the ranks of 6 Dan Karate, 6 Dan Aikido and 6 Dan Iaido with them.  He trained in all three disciplines at the Butokuden in Kyoto, Japan, in 1998, 2002 and 2008 and hopes to attend a Taikai there again in 2020.

He has attended and conducted many Budo seminars in the UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Bahrain and the US.

He trained in DaitoRyu AikiJujutsu, Iaido and Karatedo at the Butokuden in Kyoto, Japan, in 2002 and in 2008.  Masters at these two events were Adachi Manabu – Kyudan; Kuwahara Takamichi  - Judan; Hamada Tesshin- Hachidan; Takada Kanji - Kyudan; Takeda Yutaka – Hachidan;  Nakada Takeo – Kyudan;  Murata Nishi – Hachidan; Muira Takayuki – Kyudan; Masakatsu Tsujino, Hanshi, Judan and Shimabukuro Masayuki.

David was the Co-Host with David Ansell - 7 Dan Iaido - of the University of Derby Buxton Traditional Japanese Budo Open To All Seminar held there with 8 of the Classical and Traditional Japanese Budo Disciplines.


Professional background in the field of sports marketing and healthcare.

Set up and operated Healthways, the first UK executive medical health and fitness centre.

Launched The Spirit of Sport Ltd a company dedicated to raising funds for sport worldwide.

Successfully raised funds for major events, including SportAid in London in 1986.

Launched, managed and distributed SporTime magazine for the General Association of International Sports Federations in Monaco.

Launched an online video content platform for Gaming Ventures in London aimed at the International Sports Federations and their members worldwide.

Founded, launched and published Sport Business Magazine in London.




5 Dan Renshi



Joined Budokan in Durban in 1971.

Trained under Ray Ryan and Vic Sykes.

Whilst at University trained with John Reece 3rd Dan Kodokwai

In 1976 he continued training with Vic Sykes.

Won the South African Karate Association All Styles Kumite Championships brown belt division in 1978.

In 1979 graded to Shodan by Ray Ryan and Derrick Wridgway,

In November 1980 moved to Matubatuba and opened his own dojo affiliated to Budokan, transferred to Darnall and opened a dojo there as well, also affiliated to Budokan.

On 8th October 1983 was graded to Nidan.and was graded to Sandan in 1989.


During his career, Peter also trained under Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, Sensei Shigeru Kimura, Sensei Chojiro Tani, Sensei Yashitatsu Fukawa (Kendo) and  Sensei Hasui Sasaki (Kendo).

Joined Budokan in the UK in  March 2014 On 12th December 2015 Peter was graded to Godan and received the title of Renshi.



Educated at University of N Durban, South Africa where he completed a Bachelor of Lower Law degree.

Admitted as an Advocate in the High Court of South Africa in 2002 and am a member of the Society of Advocates in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

In 2004, completed a Masters degree in Maritime Law, specialising in maritime contracts, maritime incidents of navigation, insurance and maritime transport economics.

In October

2008, admitted as a Barrister in  the United Kingdom and practice as such as a member of Kings Bench Chambers, where he was called to the Bar as a member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.




4th Dan  Shihan



One of Doshu's earliest Disciples and strongest Budokan supporters of well over 50 years, started his Karate career in 1964 at one of Budokan South Africa's first dojo in the small town of Pinetown, Natal.

Under the guidance of Doshu and with dedicated training he in a short time proved he was to become a major player in Budokan SA and as Doshu once commented, "He was one of the finest technicians I ever trained". In the contest arena he proved himself by representing his Province of Natal on many occasions and winning the Shukokai Senior  Kata Championship three years in a row. He eventually became a Senior Sensei within Budokan SA travelling and teaching full time in many of the dojo across the country.


Here is a run down of some of  his achievements.

!965        Trained with Sensei Kimura and attended Gashkyu with Hanshi Chijro Tani

1965       SA Shukokai Championships Springs TVL

               Winner Brown Belt Kumite, Second Open Kumite.

               Graded to 1st Dan.

1966       Captain Natal Team Interprovincials  OFS Tvl Natal

               Winner Kata  Second Kumite

1966        Budokan Inter club Championships

                Winner Kata, Second Kumite

1966         SA Shukokai champs  Pretoria

                 Winner Kata     Graded to 2nd Dan

1967         SA Shukokai Champs  Bethlehem OFS

                 Winner Kata     Second Kumite

1967/68    Natal Karate Team Bloemfontein and Springs

!968           Budokan Inter Club Championships  Durban

                   Winner Kata and Kumite

1969           Graded to 3rd Dan.

1969            Captain Natal Karate Team SA Games Bloemfontein

1969             Joined Budokan as full time Instructor.

1969             South African Air Force Golden Jubilee Champs   Bloemfontein

                    Winner Kata.

1971             Opened Budokan Dojo Uvongo Natal

1972              Natal Team SA Games Cape Town SA


During his tenure as an Instructor for Budokan South Africa he had to travel extensively throughout the country teaching at the many satellite Dojos.


There were many smaller clubs in the Durban area and these included schools such as Kearsney College, Saint Marys Girls College, George Campbell Boys College. He also taught Karate at the Durban South African Police Club.


In between these He had also to travel to many of the smaller country towns where there were members who wanted to learn. These included Bethlehem, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth , East London, Springs, Pietermaritzburg,  Eshowe and as far afield as Potgeitersrust in the far north of what is now Gauteng.


Sensei Wridgway also played a large part together with Doshu Salmon and Shihan Ray Ryan in the development of the Budokan teaching and Grading Manual which is still in use today.


In 1968 Doshu Salmon started the Mountain Leadership School in the Drakensburg Mountains of the Eastern Free State. Sensei Wridgway was also involved as a mentor and Teacher.


In 1971 he opened a Budokan Dojo in Uvongo where he was living at the time .

This small club was very successful and in fact is still running albiet under a different name and style.

In 1977/79 He also ran small classes in Pinetown and Hammersdale and Port Shepstone.


Sensei Wridgway also taught at non white Dojos which at that time was not allowed. Some of these still thrive today.


He has sat on many many grading panels, workshops and Gashkyus over the years and passed his knowledge and expertese of the Art to students throughout the country.


In his spare time he has also managed to run the grueling Comrades Marathon (twice) and the famous Two Oceans Marathon. He was also placed 4th in his age group (55/60) Midmar Mile.


Graded to 4th Dan. Fouriesberg OFS by Doshu Salmon.


Although Derrick (Dix) is now retired he is still very much involved with all matters Budokan on a Daily basis, He and Doshu Richard Salmon are firm friends which has spanned some 56 years

In a break from Karate he proved his determination to excel in whatever he undertook and completed the very challenging International "Two Oceans Road Marathon" which runs between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans around Cape Town and then he went on to complete in "two" of the World Famous Mega "Comrades Marathon", said to be one of the toughest road races in the world, both proud achievements..,   


Today he is working alongside his friend of a lifetime, Kyoshi David Passmore in the development of BUDOKAN  in the world.


Card Mon